Ways to bank

Our online and mobile banking includes a variety of convenient and secure features to help you manage your money from any device.

Person holding a cell phone in their hand

Wyth digital banking experience

Easily move and manage your money 

  • Transfer & email funds
  • Automate deposits & transfers 
  • Manage your investments

You and your money are safe and secure

  • Log in with Face ID® (iPhone) or fingerprint for a secure mobile banking experience
  • We are a Schedule 1 Bank so you can feel confident that your money is secure, plus your deposits are eligible for CDIC protection.

Digital signup

Sign up in minutes using our app

  • Become a Wyth customer from the comfort of your own home whenever it’s convenient
  • No need to leave your home to complete the ID verification process
  • Quick and secure mobile application process*

Move money seamlessly

Transfer money between accounts

  • Transfers to your linked external accounts at other financial institutions are free and unlimited
  • You can link more than one external account to your savings account
  • Set up a link in minutes by simply:
    • Using your credentials to log in to your external account 
      • This allows us to deliver you a more convenient and frictionless banking experience. It limits the need for you to gather other information, which can be inconvenient. The link is verified faster so you can deposit money from your linked account sooner.
      • Your credentials are only used to make sure you’re looking to your own account, and we do not store this information after the link has been verified. Once you have successfully logged in, your credentials are removed - we do not store them or have access to them in any way.

Send money

  • Quickly and safely send money using Interac e-Transfer®
    • Add a Photo of your Interac e-Transfer® contacts to make it easier to find them
    • Set up autodeposit for funds you receive by Interac e-Transfer®
    • Instant transfer feature for transfers under $250

Deposit money

  • Automatically receive payroll or government payments to your account with Direct Deposit 
  • Schedule automated recurring transfers with your linked external account(s) to build your savings

Purchase an investment

  • Buy a GIC online or with your mobile device
  • Add nicknames (time to get creative!) to your GIC accounts to easily keep track of multiple investments at a glance
  • Manage your GIC maturity instructions (without having to call us)

Security features

  • Keep your money safe with one-time passwords, and no more need for security questions. For example, when you log in at wyth.ca or on the Wyth mobile app on a new device, we send a text message with a one-time security code to your mobile device, or an email to your registered email address. We have all the standard features you’d expect from a Schedule 1 bank, such as strong passwords, and a variety of behind the scenes protection to keep you and your money secure.
  • Complete peace of mind with phishing protection. You can add additional protection to your account by selecting an image that appears when you sign in. This helps protect you from phishing.
  • Be notified of activity in your account with Alerts, delivered the way you want – email, SMS and push notifications. A range of alerts enabled or available to ensure you’re always aware of what is happening with your account, such as low balance alerts or when personal details are updated.
  • Use secure two-way messaging to contact us when you need help – it’s safer and quicker than sending an email, you can attach files to your communications, and you get to skip listening to  “your call is important to us” indefinitely.

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