Types of mortgages

Variable Rate Mortgages

If you need maximum flexibility, a 5-year variable mortgage tied to prime may be an option. Payments fluctuate based on prime rate. We are pleased to offer a 5-year option.

Closed Term Fixed Rate Mortgages

A closed term mortgage is a great fit for individuals who do not want the hassle of monitoring rates and prefer the security of knowing what the rate and payments will be long term. Wyth is pleased to offer 1-year, 2-year, 3-year and 5-year closed term fixed rate mortgages.

Connect with a mobile mortgage specialist to find the right mortgage for you


Hussam Al-Jundi

When I recommend a mortgage solution, I make it my duty to ensure it fits your current and future financial goals. I am a mortgage professional and Chartered Financial Analyst with more than 20 years of experience.

Kari Stauble

With more than a decade of mortgage experience, including many years as a licensed Mortgage Broker, I know how the ever-changing world of mortgages might seem overwhelming.

Stephen Aitcheson

I'm a mortgage expert but I also have years of experience in corporate and small business accounting and finance. I will leverage this experience to understand your unique financial situation and help you navigate the mortgage process.

Nilanka Minirose

In addition to being a mortgage expert, I also hold a certificate in bookkeeping as well as Personal, Business and Corporate tax preparation.