Closed fixed terms Special rates* (Insured) APR** Posted mortgage interest rates
1-year 5.39% 5.79% 6.19%
2-year 5.29% 5.49% 6.09%
3-year 5.29% 5.42% 6.09%
4-year*** N/A N/A 6.31%
5-year 5.19% 5.27% 6.09%


Variable term Special rates* (Insured) APR**
5-year 4.84% 4.92%
Wyth's Prime Rate minus 0.61%


Wyth Prime Rate 5.45%


*These rates are for insured mortgages. 

**Annual percentage rate (APR) is for illustration purposes only and the above calculations are based on a $300,000 mortgage balance, with monthly payment using the above terms and preferred rates. 

***Wyth does not offer 4-year terms on mortgages. To estimate the prepayment penalty, use 6.31% if you have 4 years remaining on your mortgage. You may also contact us to provide the prepayment penalty that would be charged.

Wyth uses a qualifying rate of 5.25% or 2% over offer rate, whichever is higher.