Mortgage relief FAQs

We will work with our customers on a case-by-case basis to help you manage through challenges such as pay disruption or illness due to COVID-19. We may be able to offer you deferral of your mortgage payments for up to six months.

To help you manage your cash flow in unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19, we may agree for you to hold off on making your mortgage payments for up to six months. We will add these deferred payments to your outstanding balance and they will accrue interest.

This relief program is for eligible Wyth mortgage holders who are truly struggling to make their next mortgage payment. If you have lost your job or most of your income because of COVID-19 and you do not have reserves to draw upon, we will do our best to help you. People who are worried but not financially affected by COVID-19 will likely not be eligible for this relief program.

Homeowners can call our servicing department to discuss the options available to them. Everyone’s situation is unique and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Be prepared to submit a detailed breakdown of your personal assets, income and expenses. Call us at 1.855.795.4489 or email We are experiencing high call volumes, so if you are unsure if you qualify, please email us so we can get to those most in need of our help.

Regardless of whether you received previous approval to defer payments, we can apply up to six additional months of deferred payments if you meet the criteria for relief.

No; this program is for your mortgage payment only. Property tax instalments and insurance premiums are separate from Wyth and must continue to be paid. Contact your municipality or insurance company to see if they offer a similar program.

While we sympathize if you are experiencing financial hardship, we cannot forgive your mortgage altogether as our bank needs to remain financially viable for the sake of all our customers and employees.

As with other financial institutions, we are receiving many calls for mortgage relief due to COVID-19. Our busy mortgage servicing team is working hard to serve you quickly. You can help us to free up our phone lines by for people who are in dire immediate need by emailing us at We will respond as quickly as we can.


Try emailing us at and we will respond as soon as we can. If you’re about to miss a payment, call first. Be honest about your circumstances. We may be able to waive NSF fees if you miss a payment but you will have to demonstrate that you tried to notify us in advance. We working hard to help as many people as quickly as possible.

In addition to rolling payments into your mortgage for a specified period of time, we may also be able to:

  • Refinance your mortgage to pay out other debt (subject to qualification)
  • Restore your original amortization (which lowers your payment amount)
  • Hold a payment (during a temporary suspension of income)
  • Offer you a reduced payment for a specific time