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High Interest Savings Account (HISA)

If you’re already a Wyth HISA customer, the change in ownership will affect your HISA account. We will contact you directly to explain how and provide more specific timelines, but in summary your HISA will be closed in 2023 and any remaining funds returned.

In the meantime, you can continue to manage your account by logging into your Wyth app or signing into online banking. We encourage you to onboard with EQ Bank and transfer your HISA funds to the Savings Plus Account that offers the following features:

  • An everyday interest rate of 2.50%* compared to 2.25%† for the Wyth HISA
  • No monthly or hidden fees and free transactions anywhere in Canada 

  • No bank account minimum balances 

  • Free bill payments 

  • International money transfers with no hidden fees or markups 

  • Free Interac e-Transfers® and more 

If you would like to open a new savings account, check out EQ Bank’s Savings Plus Account that earns up to [250x◊] more interest than other banks.

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Got a GIC with us? Your investment remains safe, and we will continue to service your GIC until maturity. We’ll connect with you soon to explain changes that will occur.

View your Wyth Deposits Disclosure
View your Wyth Personal Deposits Agreement


Looking to open a new GIC? EQ Bank’s registered and non-registered GICs take seconds to buy, offer some of the best rates in the market, and come with plenty of term options.


If you have a residential mortgage with us, we will be in touch with you soon. 

If you have questions about your current mortgage, need help, want to discuss renewal, or need to update your contact information, please call us at 1.855.795.4489.  

You can continue to access your mortgage account through


If you have an active mortgage application with us and have questions, call our customer success team at 1.855.795.4489. 

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Looking for a new mortgage? Check out EQ Bank’s Mortgage Marketplace.