Leadership team

Leadership team

Headshot of Don Coulter smiling

Don Coulter

President and Chief Executive Officer | Bank and Trust Board Director
Bold. Visionary. An engaging and positive person with a global mindset. Don demonstrates leadership through simplicity and service. He’s always looking ahead and engaging others. He rallies the team around purpose-based, innovative initiatives. He listens as well as he leads, and we like that.
Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson

VP Governance, Corporate Secretary
Intelligent. Organized. A dedicated professional who understands the dynamics of corporate governance. Janelle and her governance team reinforce best governance practices to support effective oversight from the Board of Directors of Wyth Financial and Wyth Trust. Janelle turns vision into action. She keeps us organized and holds us accountable.
Headshot of Dave Baldarelli smiling

David Baldarelli

Chief Digital Officer
Innovative. Skillful. A digital and analytics guru who turns uncertainty into opportunity. Dave is an analytics and operations aficionado. He believes in big ideas. He makes digital transformations an empowering experience.
Headshot of Ben Douangprachanh smiling

Ben Douangprachanh

Vice President Internal Audit and Chief Internal Auditor
Analytical. Interesting. A well-travelled, world class pro. Ben makes internal auditing less boring than it sounds. His team is independent. Their audits provide assurance for our internal controls and processes for risk management and governance. Ben safeguards our stakeholders while inspiring innovation.
Headshot of Ryan Graham smiling

Ryan Graham

Chief Banking Officer
Energetic. Empathetic. A strategic and sincere collaborator. Ryan empowers teams and partners with his enthusiasm. His team embraces disruptive technology to transform the way we do banking. Ryan makes things happen. He’s dedicated to building a better future through banking and volunteerism.
Headshot of Jayleen Groff smiling

Jayleen Groff

Chief People Officer
Observant. Insightful. A change leader who leverages talent. Jayleen fosters a culture of high performance. She is always evaluating employee engagement. Jayleen helps us overcome obstacles and celebrate our successes. She unleashes the potential of every person on the team, and it’s powerful.
Headshot of Paul Masterson smiling

Paul Masterson

Chief Financial Officer
Strategic. Precise. An accountable and intelligent advisor. Paul analyzes our strategy and positions our bank to do big things. He knows how to attract, grow, and protect capital resources. With eyes on everything from the treasury to special projects, Paul pushes us to redefine the future of banking.
Headshot of Sandra Meinig smiling

Sandra Meinig

Chief Risk Officer
Ambitious. Accomplished. Sandra is an experienced executive who is adept at balancing risk and growth. Her risk management group leverages the three lines of defense to ensure effective risk management for The Bank That Does.
Headshot of Wendy Murphy smiling

Wendy Murphy

Chief Technology and Operations Officer
Brilliant. Decisive. A customer-obsessed leader. Wendy is digitally savvy and focused on effective operations. She’s agile and embraces change. Wendy knows how to develop talent and takes a comprehensive approach to growth.
Headshot of Postlewaite smiling

Tanya Postlewaite

Vice President and Head of Wyth Trust
Dynamic. Dependable. Tanya drives strategy for Wyth Trust and collaborates with the bank. A strong leader, she inspires people to succeed and gets excellent results. Tanya is an experienced lawyer who is refreshing, effective, and who shares her expertise to inform and empower others.